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The Tsunami Bass Experience 〜津波低音経験〜 is an art and music collective based in NYC that produces and performs original live fusion Bass Culture music (for bookings, contact tsunamibassexperience@gmail.com). Additionally, together with their unique ~WaVe~ installation, our mission is to provide an interactive an multi-sensory approach to bass culture appreciation! Founded in 2009 by DJ Producer Andrew Morphous & MC/Instrumentalist ShiZaru, who have performed locally, around the country and internationally, TBE also produces events that always feature our renown Tsunami Bass Sound System (available for rental) and line-ups including some of the finest talent Bass Culture has to offer.

The artistic "~WaVeS~" the Tsunami Bass Experience generates are comprised of a combination of audio, kinesthetic, and visual sensory enhancement designed to engage intuitive learning/thinking, thereby allowing for maximum entertainment enjoyment & enlightenment. We invite you to join in and wobble in the waves we program, produce and provide for experiencing music. Come see, hear, feel and play in the waves TBE provides with our unique multi-sensory approach to the appreciation of Bass Culture music rich in low-end frequency waves.

Wanna bear witness? Check out our music either
here or on Soundcloud, Facebook site, view our images OR for a small taste of the Tsuanami Bass Experience, check out this video shot during a TBE event:

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Tsunami Bass News

LABHORNS~!! Tsunami Bass Sound System Arsenal Up! 

The Tsunami Bass Experience is extremely pleased to announce the long awaited upgrading of their arsenal to include a fleet of custom built LABHORN subwoofers. Handcrafted with precision by Jeff Baile of Basscouch in Ft. Collins CO, TBE has long coveted these amazing bins for their efficency as well as their extrordinary performance. 

First developed by Tom Danley of Danely Sound Labs, the unique Nautilus shaped folded horn design of these bass bins affords a depth that creates natural compression of the audio waves yielding unparalleled clarity. Standing at just under 4 feet tall each, they are truly an experience that is to be felt as much as heard. 

After commandeering them at Burning Man 2012, Andrew & ShiZaru.zoe knew these were the perfect subs for the Tsunami Bass Experience but we invite you to judge for yourself. We'll be showcasing a double barrel taste (2) at the upcoming SubverseNYC / TRUTH / Mesck event in NYC on April 6th. And you can expect to encounter an all new BASS CANNON (4) at the next Reconstrvct on April 27th, 2013

Stay tuned for future event annoucements as confirmed and look forward to a full showcase of the entire TBE arsenal coming soon!! 

For more information or to consult with us on providing sound for your event see Tsunami Bass Sound System


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